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jMedGuard® Standard™

jMedGuard® Standard™ Antimicrobial Coatings
are non-toxic and durable 
for both home and business use.

The Standard™ coatings can last for more than 90 days upon application, arming surfaces with the ability to continuously self-disinfect and reduce pathogenic viruses and germs on high-touch points, or areas with frequent touch interactions such as railings, phones, floors and even children's toys.

We offer various sizes in the jMedGuard® Standard™ series for your different needs.

For your day-to-day:

  • The 100ml travel size spray is perfect for carrying around with you to give you confidence of the surfaces you touch in your daily commute and air travels.


  • The 300ml spray gives you peace of mind by enabling you to impart self-disinfecting surface coatings at home and work, or personal items like laptops, keyboards, and mobile phones. 

For commercial use or refills:​​

  • The 5000ml (5L) bottle can be used for refill or for commercial and large-scale applications using the electrostatic sprayer. Offering high coverage rates, the 5L size is a cost-effective solution to creating self-disinfecting coated surfaces in public facilities and infrastructures or places with high human traffic volume.

How it Works:


The jMedGuard® Standard™ coatings are designed to provide continuous protection when used as directed on a variety of surfaces. With our proprietary enhanced molecular bonding technology used in medical devices and implants coatings, the coatings will last longer, providing the surface with self-disinfecting capabilities for more than 90 days. 

Our medical grade coating technology allows introduction of potent Singapore National Environment Agency (NEA) recommended disinfecting ingredients to surfaces, making even frequently touched surfaces resistant to microbial growth. The coated surfaces are self-disinfecting as the coating electrostatically attracts microbes it contacts. The microbes, including viruses, bacteria and moulds, will be destroyed by the special polymeric coating that triggers physical rupture of the microbial membranes. This significantly reduces the surface's potential in becoming a "vector" for cross-contaminations of these microbes among persons contacting the same surface.

Unlike conventional chemical cleaning agents that only works in the wet state, jMedGuard® Standard™ coatings function from the point of application for an extended period of time. This approach of physical self-disinfection is environmentally friendly due to the reduced use of harsh chemical cleaners. The coating is non-toxic and non-sacrificial, which can be credited to its chemically stable polymerized structure. In this case, the active ingredient is not undermined and leaching does not occur, making it safe for use in homes, schools and food industries.


As the antimicrobial mechanism of this technology does not involve target microorganisms to metabolize the coating, microbes are not likely to develop drug resistance or become adaptive to certain drugs, a phenomenon typically seen as a result of antibiotics misuse or overuse.


jMedGuard technology conforms to global regulations,

including but not limited to ISO 21702, ISO 22196 and EN1040

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Applications of
jMedGuard® Standard™ Coating

jMedGuard's antimicrobial surface solutions can be used safely and effectively in a variety of environments and applications: from residential use to food and beverage restaurants, healthcare, public and private transportation, schools, athletic equipment and other areas with cases of high touch/contact.

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