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Teacher's Day Giveaway!!

It's Teachers' Day tomorrow! Show appreciation to your favourite teacher and stand to win prizes worth up to $300 for his/her class! Time to protect them like how they did for you💪

*Giveaway Rule* 1. Like our page and this post. 2. Share an interesting story you had with your teacher/ how he or she has inspired you in the comment section below. 3. Tag 2 of your friends/ classmates Only 1 winner will be selected.

This contest is open from 3rd September to 10th September 2020. Winners will be announced on Friday, 11th September at 12pm SGT. Contest will take in entries from both Facebook and Instagram. Limited only to anyone residing in Singapore. #jMedGuardStrengthenYourGuard #jMedTeachersDay #Giveaway #WinFreebies #HappyTeachersDay

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