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Surely the most effective method to keep your hands clean is by washing with soap and water, as recommended by Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As we, city-goers, are constantly on the go, soap and water might not always be readily available. As such, we often turn to the option of hand sanitisers for its convenience and easy application. But are you confident you’re applying your hand sanitiser in the most effective and correct way?

Here are some of the pointers that you should take note of to ensure maximum efficacy of using hand sanitisers:

1. Do not use hand sanitisers if your hands are visibly soiled.

If your hands are dirty or greasy, wash thoroughly with soap and water. Only apply hand sanitisers as added protection after washing. Studies have shown that hand sanitisers are less effective when hands are heavily soiled or greasy.

2. Use generous amounts of hand sanitisers.

Do not skimp on the amount of hand sanitiser applied. Hand sanitisers only kills microbes that come into contact with it. Please follow the correct steps and instructions as indicated on the product label or apply generously to cover your entire hand.

3. Do not apply hand sanitisers hastily.

Let’s be honest, most of the time whenever we see a hand sanitiser by the entrance of a shop, we take a quick pump and frantically apply it thinking it should be sufficient. But, you might have missed out on some areas on the surface of your hands. Therefore, make sure to rub your hands for more than 20 seconds, covering all surfaces on both hands, including those between your fingers and on the back of your hands.

Refer to the infographic below for a more detailed visual guide.

4. Rub till your hands are dry.

Investing that extra seconds of hand rubbing gives you the added bonus of ensuring that you have covered every inch of your hands. It also gives sufficient time for the hand sanitisers to get to work and inactivate the microbes on your hands. If you were to touch any external surfaces when your hands are still wet from hand sanitiser application, it will just rub off onto the external surface and would hence, defeats the purpose of using hand sanitisers.

It seems a little troublesome to take note of these points every time you apply hand sanitisers right? Well, fret not. Our Foami Foami Long-Lasting Advanced Hand Sanitiser saves you the hassle with a single application that can last you the whole day! It produces an antimicrobial foam that not only kills germs at application but continues to protect your hands for up to 24 hours by forming a safe and invisible antimicrobial barrier. Rest assured, it’s gentle on your skin and will not be removed even with frequent hand washing. Do yourself a favour, do away with the constant need to remind yourself or your loved ones to hand sanitise with Foami Foami.

And that’s about it! A short read and reminder to not skip on the details to keep yourself and your loved ones clean and sanitised always. Remember, always apply hand sanitizers the right way and stay safe everyone!

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