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  • jMedGuard® Standard™ Self-Disinfecting Coating offers more than 90 days antimicrobial protection via the state-of-the-art technology in persistent antimicrobial coating. Distilled from years of experience in medical implant device coating from jMedTech Pte Ltd, jMedGuard® Standard™ offers the new standard in durable surface self-disinfection by serving commercial and residential consumers.


  • Empower your high-touch surfaces with the ability of continuous 24/7 self-disinfection today. The water-based formulation makes it easy to coat and suitable for all materials.


  • jMedGuard® Standard™ antimicrobial coating has been shown to last for more than 90 days in high human traffic environment such as the public transport.


  • The 300ml spray gives you peace of mind by enabling you to impart self-disinfecting surface coatings at home and work, or personal items like laptops, keyboards, and mobile phones. 

jMedGuard® Standard™ Self-Disinfecting Coating Spray (300ml)

SKU: JGS0300 (300mL)
S$29.80 Regular Price
S$26.82Sale Price
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