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About jMedGuard®

Our Vision

Guarding you.

Protecting the Future.

Our Mission

To revolutionize the cleaning and disinfecting product sector through innovation and development of medically effective solutions for a cleaner and safer future. 


Our History

jMedGuard® is a product of constant innovations and development from jMedtech Pte Ltd, the only medtech company in Singapore and first in Asia to provide medical coating for implant devices.


Seeing the critical need for a sustainable solution to tackle the ever worsening problem of diseases and infections arising from microbes and pathogens, both novel and common, jMedGuard® was started to provide innovative and medically effective solutions to tackle the threats posed by bacteria, virus, fungi, mould and other microorganisms.


Backed by jMedtech's years of experience in medical coating of precision medical implant devices, such as devices for stent and heart valve deliveries, jMedGuard® is poised to provide highly effective, durable and safe self-disinfecting surface coating products.


Rising to the pandemic situation of 2020, jMedtech has put together valuable resources and professional expertise in developing medically effective anti-microbial coating for disinfectant coating development and manufacturing. It is the company's goal to disrupt the current cleaning and disinfection approach with high-performance and cost-effective products and solutions, laying grounds for the new dawn of this sector.

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