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jMedGuard Donates Disinfectants to Kindergartens

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to be a global threat, jMedGuard pledges to join in the fight by embarking on a series of community projects. jMedGuard believes in rekindling the kampong spirit in Singapore, especially in such difficult times. As such, we have reached out to various groups in Singapore to support their protective measures against this outbreak, including vulnerable groups such as children who might be less cautious of their surroundings.

To kickstart the initiative, 100 bottles of jMedGuard Antimicrobial Solution were donated to St. James’ Church Kindergarten (Gilstead Campus) last week. In addition to the donation, our team was sent down to personally demonstrate and execute the disinfecting procedure using our antimicrobial solution within the premise.

jMedGuard Antimicrobial Solution is an alcohol-free disinfectant that provides self-disinfecting properties to surfaces which kills bacterias, viruses, and moulds for more than 90 days. The coating reduces the risk of contamination by inactivating microbe strains on surfaces that have been treated with the disinfectant. The solution does not require dilution prior to use, and its active ingredients are recommended by Singapore NEA to be effective in the disinfection against the coronavirus. We hope that together with our expertise, we can contribute toward the efforts in containing the spread of the epidemic in Singapore.

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