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Returning to office: This is how you can protect yourself

With the number of community cases remaining low in Singapore, our economy gradually re-opens and authorities have allowed more to return back to office starting the past Monday (28 Sept). Even though the government has encouraged companies to make necessary arrangements and implemented safe management measures, we have come up with a few safety tips and tricks for you to take charge of your own health during this trying period.


It has become a standard protocol to wear a mask out of house this year. However, there are some things you will need to look out for in order not to compromise the efficacy of wearing a mask.

For starters, always bring an extra or two with you to work in case you dirtied the one you’re wearing. If you are using a disposable mask, please be aware that it has a decrease in efficacy after 4 hours, so switch it out if possible.

Avoid touching your mask, interior or exterior. Remove your mask by the ear loop and wash your hands immediately if you come into contact with the exterior layer of the mask. If you have accidentally touched the interior layer of your mask, switch it out for a new one.

When you are eating or drinking, keep your mask well with a mask holder or wrap it between pieces of tissue paper before placing it on the table to avoid contaminating your mask.


With Work-from-Home and staggered work timing arrangements, it has been quite long since we caught up with our work friends and colleagues over lunch or a cup of coffee. However, it is still hardly the time to do so with more people returning to the workplace. We would still have to take extra precaution with unavoidable increased interactions. It is important that we still maintain social distancing by avoiding the lunch crowd out of office or small gatherings at the pantry.

This means, as much as possible, make lunch arrangements which you can opt to eat at your workstation, reduce contact time in public during lunch hour or avoid sitting too close to the person next to you when eating. And remember to be conscious of your hygiene before and after meals, by washing your hands and discarding your trash properly.


According to studies, 80% of infectious disease spread by touch, not only Covid-19. While some of us has unconscious habits of touching our face like scratching or rubbing our eyes, we have to make sure to put in the conscious effort to avoid touching our faces especially the eyes, nose and mouth at all time.

Albeit challenging to resist, this is one of the easiest and effective way to prevent ourselves from falling sick.


Studies have shown that an average working desk has 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. Horrendous? With this, the coronavirus is not the only threat you face returning to work. To prevent yourself from falling sick, clean your workplace regularly, especially high touch points such as your keyboard, mouse, desk phones and desk surfaces.

To keep cleaning and sanitising minimal, try jMedGuard’s Self-Disinfecting Coating Spray that gives you more than 90 days protection with a single application. It works by killing these pathogen physically when it comes into contact with coated surfaces, preventing them from growing on the surfaces between cleaning.


No more handshakes and fist bumps in workplace. While it’s a habit ingrained in work culture, this is the time to actively avoid any point of physical contact to reduce the spread of germs. More importantly, we can’t emphasise enough on the need to wash your hands with soap and water – the most effective way to clean your hands of germs as recommended by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

However, soap and water aren’t easy to access at all times, so ensure that you have a bottle of hand sanitiser handy by you to quickly disinfect your hands between the washes. With no dirt or grime on hands, hand sanitiser is more than sufficient to kills the germs or pathogens.

Still worried about the time between every hand cleaning effort? Try out our Foami Foami Long-lasting Advanced Hand Sanitiser that gives you up to 24-hour continuous protection with a single pump. Put it on in the morning before getting out of house and get protected from germs on any surfaces you come into contact. Our antimicrobial coat will do the work for you by inactivating the pathogen upon contact before the next hand wash.

Above all, let’s remain calm at all times. Take all necessary precaution seriously and orderly to avoid panicking. If you are feeling unwell or are down with any symptoms, go check with the doctors and stay at home. Let’s all be responsible for ourselves and the people around us. And with these, stay safe everyone!

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