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Keep you and your loved ones safe against Dengue Fever, Covid-19 and its variants with jMedGuard® Care Pack!


It comprises:

- Standard™ Antimicrobial Coating Spray, 100ml (x1)

- Foami Foami™ Hand Sanitiser, 60ml (x1)

- Mozzi Mozzi™ Insect Repellent-Sanitiser, 60ml (x1)


5 Reasons why the jMedGuard® Care Pack will make the perfect gift choice:

1. Products are baby, child and pets friendly

2. Products provide long lasting protection against germs, molds and insect bites

3. Products provide protection both indoors and outdoors

4. Bottles and pouch are travel sized, hence making it easy to carry to carry along where ever you go.

5. Products are water based, alcohol free and DEET- free, hence making it gentle on skin. Even people with skin problems like eczema can use.

    So what are you waiting for? Hurry! Limited stocks available!

    jMedGuard® CARE PACK (Coating Spray 100ml+Foami 60ml +Mozzi 60ml)

    SKU: JGS0560
    S$44.40 Regular Price
    S$17.76Sale Price
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