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  • jMedGuard® Foami Foami™ Long-Lasting Advanced Hand Sanitiser produces an antimicrobial foam that not only kills germs at application but continues to protect your hands for up to 24 hours by forming a safe and invisible antimicrobial barrier.
  • Use this to sanitise your hands once in the morning and be protected the whole day.
  • Frequent hand washing is recommended and will not remove the protective barrier.
  • Suitable for the whole family, especially babies and children who may not be consciously sanitising their hands regularly through the day.


Key benefits of product include:

  • Effective advanced antimicrobial technology backed by medical and scientific expertise
  • Contains active ingredient proven to be effective against the Coronaviruses
  • US-EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) listed ingredients that are safe and effective
  • Continually works even after normal hand washing routine, throughout the day
  • Foaming sanitiser ensures good coverage and spreadability on hands
  • Leaves hands feeling soft and smooth, without gel residue
  • Foam texture makes hand sanitisation fun and encourages children to sanitise their hands
  • Prevents contamination and recontamination of hands
  • Alcohol-free, suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin
  • Formulated without parabens, sulphates, dyes, phthalates, fragrances
  • Gentle on hands, suitable for the whole family
  • Dermatologically tested


The 60ml spray gives you peace of mind by giving your hands a safe antimicrobial barrier On-The-Go! This travel size makes it convenient for bringing onboard flights, to holidays or business trips, and is a good size to bring around in your daily commute.

    jMedGuard® Foami Foami™ Long-Lasting Advanced Hand Sanitiser, 24 Hour Protection

    SKU: JGF2060 (60mL)
    S$13.80 Regular Price
    S$12.42Sale Price
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