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  • InstaClean™ Disinfectant Spray is lab-tested and proven effective against bacteria and viruses such as the COVID-19 coronaviruses, is fast-acting and is safe. 
  • Specially formulated HALAL-certified water-based formula with no bleach or corrosive ingredients, to provide sanitisation for various surfaces and materials.
  • Effective against viruses including E.coli, H1N1, Poxviruses and Coronaviruses.


jMedGuard® Standard InstaClean™ Disinfectant offers 5 key benefits:

  1. Cleans: Removes dirt and grime on surfaces
  2. Disinfects: Removes 99.999% bacteria, viruses and fungi in 30 seconds
  3. Deodourises: Reduces odour causing bacteria and molds
  4. Maintains: Keeps your jMedGuard antimicrobial coating in optimal self-disinfecting conditions
  5. Protects: Keeps your home and workplace safe from diseases transmitted through surfaces


The 500ml spray gives you peace of mind by disinfecting surfaces at home and work, or personal items like laptops, keyboards, and mobile phones. 

jMedGuard® Standard InstaClean™ Disinfectant Spray (500ml)

SKU: JGD0500 (500ml)
S$8.50 Regular Price
S$6.80Sale Price
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