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Standard™ Antimicrobial Coating Spray

Formulated with anti-microbial high-end technology that forms a long-lasting coating that bonds to surfaces and protects against a variety of pathogens including viruses, bacterial, mold, fungi and algae for more than 90 days. cleaning of household in a pinch!


Mozzi Mozzi™ Insect Repellent-Sanitiser

Offers “All- Bugs Protection” by repelling insects for up to 12 hours and sanitizes skin for up to 24 hours. A non-greasy water-based formulation, that contains 19.2% Picaridin*. Upon application, the invisible barrier formed on the skin will protect against disease-ca vectors and resistant to frequent hand washing or other sanitizers. suitable for sensitive skin even for eczema.


Keep you and your loved ones safe against Dengue Fever, Covid-19 and its variants with jMedGuard® Indoor Essential!


It comprises:

- Standard™ Antimicrobial Coating Spray, 100ml (x1)

- Mozzi Mozzi™ Insect Repellent-Sanitiser, 60ml (x1)


5 Reasons why the jMedGuard® Indoor Essential will make the perfect gift choice:

1. Products are baby, child and pets friendly

2. Products provide long-lasting protection against germs, molds and insect bites

3. Products provide protection both indoors and outdoors

4. Bottles are travel-sized, making them easy to carry along wherever you go.

5. Products are water-based, alcohol-free and DEET- free, hence making them gentle on the skin. Even people with skin problems like eczema can use it.

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    jMedGuard® INDOOR ESSENTIAL (Std 100 ml + Mozzi 60ml)

    SKU: JGSM1060
    S$30.60 Regular Price
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